A New Face to ADHD

She can’t have ADHD, she’s not hyper

*source omitted for their privacy*


Kid’s with ADD don’t get enough attention at home.

                                                  *source omitted for their privacy*


Kid’s with ADD just need better discipline, their parents are lazy

                                                      *source omitted for their privacy*


The above quotes I have either heard in the last few weeks or at some time in my life and they really hit home to me, because I realize too many people do not have a clue what is ADHD, or what the difference between ADHD and ADD.

Please bare with me as I explain, because this is something near and dear to my heart.




When most think of ADHD or ADD they think of the kid in class who won’t stay in their chair.  The one who impulsively gets up during class to go tell their friend across the room what they just thought of, even if the teacher is still in the middle of the lesson.  The child who can not patiently wait their turn and causes major disruptions in the classroom.

But that is only one form of ADHD and it’s NOT ADD.

In the DSM manual for mental health ADHD is split into three forms

ADHD hyper active – compulsive (the kind seen in the anecdote above)

ADHD inattentive (aka: ADD)


ADHD combination

Why do I care so much?


Because recently, ADHD gained a new face, and it isn’t one most would expect.




This is my daughter, Alayna. Eight and half years old.  Involved in Girl Scouts, Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer.  She has great grades, decent manners (she’s 8, we’re working on it), and a good group of friends at Girl Scouts and at school.  She’s active, she’s smart, and she’s well liked.  She doesn’t get in trouble at school, and she was recently diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type (aka: ADD).

This isn’t an attention issue. This isn’t a parenting issue.  This is a mental health issue.

ADD differs from ADHD in that is responds to stimulant medication (though doctors have learned to use that as a last resort in extreme cases – behavior modification and counseling tend to be tried first or in combination with medications).

Our brains are bombarded with stimulants through out the day.  Sights, sounds, smells, sensations, and it is our brain’s job to filter what is important and what is not.  This allows the non-ADD person to focus, follow and linear train of thought and complete tasks.  Our brains handle millions of these filtering tasks every microsecond.

In the ADD brain, the filter doesn’t work fast enough and the ADD person experiences everything at once.  This becomes overwhelming and emotionally draining.

ADHD inattentive is not in your face like ADHD hyperactive-compulsive, and is often missed in kids and not diagnosed until adulthood.  In fact I saw many of my struggles that I’ve had since childhood as we began this journey with Alayna and had myself tested as well.  I am still awaiting my results.

ADHD inattentive type is also found mostly in girls, whereas ADHD hyperactive-compulsive is seen mostly in boys.

ADHD Inattentive Type requires the presence of six of the following symptoms for a positive diagnosis.

*seems not to listen when spoken too

*spacey, excessive day dreaming

*difficulty organizing tasks and activities

*forgetful in daily activities

*avoid tasks they dislike or requires sustained mental focus

*difficulty sustaining prolonged attention

*hyper-focused to tasks they find pleasurable (as if the rest of the world has disappeared)


*looses train of thought while doing school work


She fits all, not just six.  We have only just received the formal diagnosis and are in the process of talking with her physician and with the school and figuring out the next steps to best assist her in learning how to cope with what is essentially a Mental Health Condition.

Getting to the diagnosis was a long process.  Issues came to light after, what for me, Mom, was a terrifying comedy of errors.

She was checked for an Iron deficiency, Thyroid condition, had sleep study done to rule out Narcolepsy and Petit Mal Seizures, and finally had the testing to check ADHD Inattentive Type.

So, maybe now, instead of cringing when people say…


She can’t have ADHD, she’s not hyper

*source omitted for their privacy*


Kid’s with ADD don’t get enough attention at home.

*source omitted for their privacy*


Kid’s with ADD just need better discipline, their parents are lazy

*source omitted for their privacy*


… I can direct them here and show them that a child doesn’t have to be hyperactive to have ADHD.

I can show them that these kids deserve compassion and not judgement, and their parents are working to do what’s best for them, not ignoring their behavior or struggles.


Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams

I love to read.  I love books.  There is seldom a book I dislike, in fact I can count them on my fingers.  But rarely does a book touch me the way this book did.




I was lucky enough to receive a free birthday party copy of Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams to read and review.

I love the characters of this book.  Marcy Gene is a woman I would love to have a cup of coffee with and talk faith, or take and art class with her as my instructor.

My biggest take away from reading Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams was to always follow your dreams.  Life has twists and turns and challenges we all face, but God is greater and when He puts something on your heart to pursue, He will help you see it through.  Never give up hope!


In the day-to-day life we see,

hear, smell, and touch those things

around us. What I call the middle

moments.  In those Middle

moments our hearts, mind, body,

and soul take in so much that if we

relax taking it in we skip a beat.

Our bodies long to receive


~Marcy Gene ~ Under Cover: Life in the Middle of Dreams

What I loved most about this book was that it was verse book. It told a beautiful engaging story with characters you fell in love with, while reading with the fluidity of poetry.

Happy 2nd Birthday Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams!

You can  get you own copy on



Check out the Author’s Page

Ashley’s Art Closet

CSB Study Bible for Women – A Review

After serving on a couple book launches and writing many book reviews for the joy of sharing books with everyone I know, I was accepted as a blogger for BH Publishing group and Lifeway.  I don’t get paid for my reviews but I am provided a free book in exchange for time spent reviewing their product.  BH publishers provides the books through Lifeway Christian Book Store.

I was excited this week to receive my first book.



Timing couldn’t have been better because I have been trying to be more consistent in my Bible Study time.

The CSB Study Bible for Women is not just designed for women but designed by Women.  Dorothy Kelly Patterson, Rhonda Harrington Kelley, and many other female contributors created an in-depth study Bible.

I tend to be leery of Study Bibles.  Most created for women just offer happy devotional platitudes, feel good antidotes that don’t accurately relate to the scripture they’re included with.  The CSB Study Bible for Women was a welcomed surprised.

I love the simplicity of cover, but the true treasure was found inside.

Study bible for women

Each book has an introduction page which is beautifully decorated, gives the setting and audience of the book, why it is important for women to read, and offers a timeline of events.

My favorite features are the threads; Character Studies, Biblical Womanhood, Hard Questions.  Each of these threads expands our knowledge of the people, events, and time, and poses questions that cause us to think about our faith.  Finally at the end of each book is where the words are “Written on My Heart”. This section offers encouragement and practical life applications for what is learned within the word of God.

The CSB Study Bible for Women encourages women, specially me, to dig deeper in the word of God.

I LOVE this Bible and would recommend it to any woman looking for a new Bible.


You can buy your own at


Barnes and Nobles


#Create – Jewelry Organizer

If I say, “I saw it on Pinterest”, my husband instinctively rolls his eyes.  It normally means a creative mess or something he’ll have to help with in the end. But honestly, all the best ideas are found on Pinterest.

During one such inspirational search of the website I found this…




It served as inspiration, but it would not be practical for myself or my jewelry.  Most importantly, I needed a mirror. I began looking for my supplies…




I bought two mirrors from the Dollar Tree, hard plastic mesh, a half crate, and some tiny decorative hooks from Joanne Fabrics.  I already had black acrylic paint here at home.


I didn’t need two mirrors, just matching frames.  I took the back and mirror out of the one frame and replaced it with the hard plastic mesh.


I then painted the half crate black, screwed the decorative eye hooks into the bottom and the inside of the one divided shelf.


*I had to take rounded jewelry pliers to open the tiny decorative eye hooks.


I then had to ask my husband to hang my project on the wall.  Because I removed the hanging hooks that had been on the back of the mirror my husband chose to screw them directly into the wall.  In order for my dangly earrings to fit on the organizer as they should, he had to use some washers as spacers to put some distance between the wall and mesh.

Once it was up, I was able to put everything where it should be.  I put stud earrings in the glass bowl on the shelf, and I have a little clay bowl my daughter made for me one year for mother’s day in school, that I use for my three rings (class ring, engagement ring, wedding ring).


Anyone have a good suggestion on a new project? 

I’m open for ideas. 

Share in the comments!

Be Made New

For the past few weeks our pastor has spoken on a series that he titled “Are we fishers of men, or keepers of the aquarium?” In it he has talked about the fact that most church growth happens laterally.  People from one church rushing off to check out the new church.  That we always need to be ready if we have a chance to share what we believe with another who is curious.  He even gave us some online resources [that I will admit I haven’t checked out yet but will soon].

Yesterday, however, we talked about how the best way to show the love of God is to be like Jesus; loving, compassionate, and kind.

One gentleman from our congregation got up and shared with us what he shared with our pastors.  That we needed a new pastor, and a new youth pastor, and new elders, and a new congregation.

No we’re not kicking everyone out, we need the same faces to be NEW people.

Be Made


We were challenged to be made new.  The best way to do that is to seek God.  Reading God’s word daily.  Not just to say “I read it” but to really know what the word says.


You who seek


I enjoy reading my Bible, but I will admit, I am not consistent with it.  Many times I don’t do it with the mindset of what I can learn or how I can grow closer to God.

Since service yesterday I have spent much time thinking and praying about this and finally decided to create a Facebook group.  It is for Bible reading and Bible study and a place to encourage each other.

If you are interested you may join by clicking below:

In The Word


If you join us or not, consider God’s call for revival within our hearts, so that we may better serve Him.





found on bing images


Social Media is defined as a website and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.

Growing up the phrase “social media” was not part of the lexicon.  I remember when we moved from a DOS operating system to windows. I remember dial-up and the sound it made I remember chat rooms, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo messenger.  I had Myspace before Facebook was the “thing”.

I also remember the excitement of the now. I didn’t need to wait two days to a week to get a letter from a friend.  Emails were fast, instant messengers were faster and we were all in connected via the World Wide Web.

As Social Media has taken a stronghold on our society and lives we must make sure we consider the pros and cons of our time online.

Pro – I can keep in contact better with my friends and family

Con – Contact, specially when it comes to online contact, does not equal a meaningful connections.

We are a society more connected globally than ever before but we lack relationally.  We know what each other are thinking and doing through tweets and status updates, but we don’t truly know one another.

Pro – I can share my hobbies and opinions with people all over the world.

Con – We fall into a comparison trap

The internet creates an illusion.  That illusion is perfection and we can easily fall into a trap of comparing the worst events of our real lives to the best events posted on an acquaintance’s social media platform.  Our online personas tend to be with our best events, best selves on display while we hide our short comings and the things that make us feel most vulnerable, our imperfections.

A good example of this…

Facebook: I post pictures of a craft my kids worked on.  My kitchen table is clean except for their craft supplies, everyone is happy and laughing.  The projects are cute and the activity was enjoyable.

Reality: Before we began the craft I was digging through one of four baskets of clean laundry I still haven’t managed to find time to fold and put away because my husband needs a certain pair of pants.  The baby is crying, and the older two are whining because they were told they’d get to do crafts and we haven’t started yet and they feel we should have begun already.  I’m scolding them that not everything happens on their terms and sometimes patience is required.  My four year old most likely replies that he “doesn’t do patience”, and my eight year old is stopping to her room exclaiming, “I never get to do what I want”.

You see the happy fun, I’m still wondering if I should have even let them make a craft or if I should have scrapped the blog post and just send them back to their rooms to go back to bed till they can be nice.

As you stand in your kitchen leaning against the sink full of last night’s dishes, sighing because your youngest just tried to get his own drink by pouring orange juice all over the floor missing his cup and you look at my blog and think, “what’s wrong with me? why can’t I do what she is doing?”, but you’re seeing my golden moment while living in the same reality I was.  You are doing what I’m doing.

There is more to the story online than what you see in the pictures.  Don’t be discouraged by the illusion, don’t compare your struggles with their victories.

Needless to say, I was excited when the opportunity to serve on the book launch team for #BeWorthFollowing: How To Be Different And Influence People In A Crowded Social World by Jennifer Bennet.




The book is broken into four parts and looks at why social media is important in our lives, businesses, and ministries and how we can best utilize social media to make the best impact.

I have only read through Part 1: First things First but I am already loving this book.  It is geared towards those with small businesses and ministry, but even if we are not in formal ministry we are all called to be like Jesus, online and off.  I see so many practical applications for the working person and the stay at home mom as well.



One of my favorite things from Part 1 has been the tips on how to best utilize Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

So while we’re at it, click the links below and follow me


Don’t just follow me though, talk to me!

How do you use social media?

What about social media do you dislike?

What do you like about using it?

Is there anything you would change about social media?

Do you think social media can be used to encourage those around you?




Buried Treasure

Ever find something somewhere you didn’t expect it to be?  What if it was dirty and broken?

Would you see trash? Or possibilities?

Buried Treasure


Last summer, as I was readying the garden beds for planting, I unearthed this beauty..




She was originally a bird bath. The bath portion was broken and there was a chip at the top of the statue.  But her beauty captivated me.

I brought in and cleaned her up and then she decorated my sun room until I could find the perfect addition to restore her to her full beauty.

Finally this spring I found it.




A solar light that is meant to sit in the middle of a table. Having a flat bottom I was able to adhere the light to the statue with Kitchen and Bath caulking.

It worked wonderfully and here is my new yard light.



Not everything found old and broken is trash.  Sometimes you just need vision to breath a little light back into the item.


Easter Traditions

With today being the first day of Holy Week, we decided today was a good day to kick off our Easter Traditions.

We have an Easter Egg hunts at my in-laws house, we have a big family dinner on Easter Sunday.  The kids and I go through the resurrection eggs, and hopefully this year we will have time to make resurrection rolls.

We also dye eggs and pock them.


Today we decided to dye Easter Eggs.  This is just a fun one.  In past year we have used cool aid to color our eggs, but this year I picked up a couple egg dying kits and we had a blast coloring eggs.


If egg dying wasn’t fun enough we moved onto what Alayna looks forward to every year and Anthony was able to experience for the first time this year.

Egg Pocking

My daughter and I lived in Louisiana for two years and our family down there taught us one of their traditions that we have since brought North with us.

“Paque” I am told is Cajun for Easter, and it is pronounced Pock.

Egg pocking is the tradition of tapping the tips of the eggs together until one of the eggs crack.  This is done with the Easter eggs.

Many families, like ours, do it for fun and bragging rights.  Some take it more seriously and there are prizes involved.

Here is some of our egg pocking fun…


Share with me some of your fun Easter Traditions in the comments!


Story & recipe for Resurrection Rolls can be found at
Our Pretty Little Girls


Becoming The Mother I Want To Be



A little over a month ago I enthusiastically said yes to being part of a book launch team. I was provided and early PDF copy via Netgalley, an online book review site.  In return I was asked the read the book and share what I learn and what I think of the book with others.


I have learned so much reading Heavenly Minded Mom and honestly I haven’t read it all. I only read enough of each of the three sections to get a good idea of what the book was about.  I am anticipating my own copy’s arrival after the book’s release on April 3rd.

As part of the book launch team we meet in an online group and discuss the book, and what we are each getting out of the book.

This week we were asked what was on our hearts. Here was my reply:

There are so many things I never learned growing up that I never thought I needed to learn until I was an adult, I know I need to teach these to my kids, but how do I teach what I am just learning myself?

We grow up being told to clean our rooms; but no one ever teaches us how to clean. I don’t mean, how to wash a dish or put clothes in a hamper.

I mean how do you keep stuff from over running your home.  Living minimally to experience life fully.

I will admit some are born knowing how to do it. My grandmother and my mother in law make it look like keeping house is simple. I feel like it is all crashing down on me.

I want my kids to know how to get rid of things, to live simplistically and not need stuff.  I want my kids to be able to have fun without needing electronics and toys that do stuff. I want them to appreciate the beauty around them and not the device in their lap.

I want them to be okay with being bored (something that I am not good at). I want them to understand the concept of rest in a way I am only just beginning to grasp.

This means I need to teach my kids how to clean, how to have fun without electronics, and I need to demonstrate rest and teach them skills like cooking, laundry, sewing, and gardening.

At least basic knowledge of these things will help them be successful in life.


I'm not raising kids.I'm raising adults


Heavenly Minded Mom is just one book I have read out of many I plan to read about being a mother and a woman of God, but it is an excellent book which I would and will recommend to anyone.

Check out

Heavenly Minded Mom

for yourself!

Heavenly Minded Mom (Part 3)



“I want to love my Savior well by doing the tasks He has put before me wholeheartedly and unto Him.”

~Katie Bennett;

Heavenly Minded Mom: A 90 Day Journey to Embrace What Matters Most

The third section of Heavenly Minded Mom takes a look at practical ways we mothers can grow in God as we go about our daily tasks.


Some days my to do list grows faster than I can check things off. Other days it feel like some sort of cosmic joke.


The Bible tells us that we should do everything in love. Each chore on my ever growing to do list is another chance to show love to my family through service and care.


For my kids that doesn’t mean doing everything for them, that would be a monumental disservice to them. It’s about teaching them as I go.

As I do laundry, I can teach my eight year old how to sort laundry for washing or how to fold pants and shirt. For my four year old that may mean teaching him to sort and match socks. My four year old can dust, my eight year old can run the vacuum.

26850579_10105912316048200_8832089974599417463_oIt’s not just about teaching them skills, but teaching them that taking care of our home shows our family members we love and care about them. It’s not merely a chore but a service of love.

A practice that I use to do, and need to get back into doing, is to pray for my family while I do my chores.  Each job had a different prayer.  Cooking and cleaning up meals I thanked God for the food our family had to eat.  Laundry, I thanked God that we had clothes to wear. Sweeping and dusting, I thanked God that we had a home to live in.  I pray for my children as I sweep or mop their rooms. I pray for my husband and my marriage as I clean our room.




Please check out

Heavenly Minded Mom

due to be released April 3rd, 2018

and Katie Bennett’s Blog

Embracing a Simpler Life

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